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Thursday, March 31, 2011

1 Weekend - 2 dogs in 2 Provinces - 4 Group Wins! Part 2 (Joe!)

Joe with Milton Lopes! (Mar/11)
Photo by Lisa Wysminity
BISS Am Grand Ch & Can Ch Darwyn's I'm Not Arguing That

*3rd weekend in Canada in 2011

*2nd Group Win in Canada (6 in California, US)
(click here for the results)

* #3 Terrier in Canada (3/31/11)
(click here for top terrier results)

Terriers in western Canada continue to be very competitive.  A number of top quality dogs, in excellent form and presented very well.  Joe, now with Milton Lopes and Tracy Tuff, clearly are one of them!

This was Joe's 3rd weekend in the ring in Canada this year (last time he was in Canada, was in 2009 as a puppy).  In the 9 times he has been in the ring he has had a group placement 100% of the time - including 2 group wins!

Judge:  Mr. Bruce Fraser
Handler:  Milton Lopes
This Group 1st award was very special for me since the judge is a long-time terrier breeder (Advocate Miniature Schnauzers).

Lisa Wysminity took many terrific candids of many dogs shown this past weekend.  Click here for her website, then go to Camrose 2011 to see her photos.
I am so happy that she got a number of really terrific ones of Joe.  I was not at this show since I was at a different show myself, with Monty (see the other blog post from this past weekend :-) so Lisa's photos helped make these wins a bit more special for me - almost like I was there.

I have included a few of Lisa's photos here.  I just love this dog, and Milton and Tracy (and Michelle Gaudet who helps in so many ways!) make a wonderful team with him!

Hope you like these photos also (the moving one below is amazing - it just goes to show that even a very compact dog can do a flying trot - and doesn't he look so happy!). 

And, thank you for following us.

Even a compact dog can do a flying trot!
JOE!  BISS GCh Am & Can Ch Darwyn's I'm Not Arguing That
(click here for Joe's page)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1 Weekend - 2 dogs in 2 Provinces - 4 Group Wins! Part 1 (Monty!)

Monty being awarding Group 1st
Handler:  Larisa Hotchin
Judge (1): Donna Cole
Judge (2): Edna St. Hilaire
Judge (3): Leslie Belfit (pictured)
Ch Darwyn Bruhil's Flying Circus

* 3 Group 1st Wins!
** Breeder / Owner handled! **
Oceanside KC (March 2011)

(1) Click here for link to Group 1st with Donna Cole
(2) Click here for link to Group 1st with Edna St. Hilaire
(3) Click here for link to Group 1st with Leslie Belfit

Not sure how long this will last since he won't be shown much more in Canada in 2011, but Monty is currently the #6 Terrier in Canada!

Oceanside Kennel Club is a local show to my home (only one on the north side of the river) so I try to go and support them each spring.  As usual it was a relatively small show (Sunday had about 240 dogs entered, including 24 terriers), however, when you looked around the various rings, you saw many quality dogs, in top condition.  Quite a number of seasoned show dogs with many Group Winners and BIS and BISS dogs (both in Canada and in the US).  This weekend might have had a more relaxed atmosphere to it, and we all got to enjoy some sunshine that peeked out, but there was stiff competition inside of the rings!

I was very honoured to have won the Terrier Group 3 of the days with my young boy, Monty (Ch Darwyn Bruhil's Flying Circus).  Monty has been in the BIS ring before (twice at Canada's largest show in October at Tradex/Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers ... when he got his first Canadian Championship points!), but this was my third weekend showing him in Canada and my first time in the Best in Show ring with him!

Monty literally jumped for joy - and I was right there with his enthusiasm and true terrier spirit!

I truly appreciate the consideration that the judges provided with these awards, and all of the wonderful comments from my fellow exhibitors, both in the terrier ring and other groups.

Thank you.

Click here for the video that Michael took of Monty and I in the ring on the last day winning the terrier group!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wonderful week for Paisa's puppies!

Paisa and her 1 week old puppies - October 2009
Emme and Monty are in this happy pile!
This has been a very busy, but exhilarating and proud, week for me as a breeder.  This post is about Paisa's puppies that were born in Fall 2009 (MBIS Am/Can Ch Sanherpinc Paisa)
FIRST of all...
CONGRATULATIONS to the owners of Darwyn's Emerald in SanherpincEmme WON WINNERS BITCH and BEST OF WINNERS at the WELSH TERRIER CLUB OF AMERICA NATIONAL SPECIALTY in Louisville, KY (USA) today for a 5-POINT MAJOR!

Emme (Monty's litter sister - click here for details) was bred by myself and Bruce Schwartz (from Paisa's first litter in Sept/09) and is owned by Santiago Pinto, Judith Anspach, Mary Duafala and Pam Allen.  I am THRILLED!

Here is a link to the results:  Welsh Terrier Club of America (floating) National Specialty; Louisville, KY (March 20, 2011) - click here!

I did not attend this weekend's show, but was kept 'in the loop' as to how Emme looked in her debut (YES - this was her first weekend out!).  I heard loud and clear that she had suberb ring presence, moved freely and easily (floated some even said!), 'to die for' coat and color, and a beautiful welshy head and expression!  Click this link for a picture of her (and others) at the Louisville show from yesterday, compliments of Eileen Lurker (Emme - Darwyn's Emerald in Sanherpinc is #48)

I am so proud of this girl - a beautiful Welsh Terrier for sure!  And, I am very thankful for her owners who have had the patience to show her when she was ready, and RC & Shari Carusi for the superb conditioning and presentation.  What a wonderful team - thank you all for presenting my baby so well!

Emme is the 12th Welsh Terrier that I have owned, or bred, that has won Winners Dog / Bitch (or higher) at a Welsh Terrier breed specialty in the US!

The SECOND exciting news here this week related to Paisa's first litter is that her son, Monty (Ch. Darwyn Bruhil's Flying Circus, a multiple Group Winner) sired his first litter -- 4 girls and 1 boy!  Everyone is doing very well.  I guess I need to do Monty's page on my website!  Monty started, and finished, his Canadian Championship at Canada's largest show (Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers) by winning the Terrier Group twice and was awarded Reserve Best in Show in October 2010!  I'll try to do that soon and then expand on this very exciting litter that was just born!

Stay tuned

Friday, March 18, 2011

Exploring a local trail with Monty and a 14 week old puppy!

Michael and I explored a local hiking trail today.  We chose to take Monty (Ch. Darwyn Bruhil's Flying Circus -- an 18 month old Paisa son) and one of Paisa's 14 week old daughters (by Parker - Am/Can Ch Darwyn's Webslinger).

And, no furnishings were damaged :-)  This is very good since Monty has a 4 day dog show coming up in a couple of weeks!

I expect we will come back here often.  A really wonderful place to walk.

Click here for the full video!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

JOE is on the front cover! Feb/Mar 2011 Canine Review!

I appologize for my lack up updates for the last number of months (many!), realistically I have been too focussed on Facebook instead!  Today's release of the on-line issue of the above magazine prompted me to restart my website (click here for the issue)!
A LOT has happened since my last post in early Oct/10.  I will try to fill in some of the missing pieces in the coming while.  But, in short, since the last update in early October we have experienced the following key things:

- Joe's (Am GCh & Can Ch Darwyn's I'm Not Arguing That) BOB win at one of the Welsh Terrier Club of America specialties -- Devon Dog Show Association (day before Montgomery) and Group 2nd, where 1000 terriers were exhibited!

- Joe won more GROUP WINS in California AND won best of breed 3 out of the 4 days of the AKC Invitational / Eukanuba weekend (and again, a Group 2nd, just like Montgomery weekend, the day before Eukanuba/AKC Invitational!).

- Joe came back to Canada, stayed at home for a short while then moved in with his new handling team in Alberta -- Milton Lopes & Tracy Tuff (and Michelle Gaudet), and with just 2 weekends in the ring (even though it is the middle of March already), he has won his first Group Win in Canada (thank you Mr. T. Nesbitt) and is Canada's #3 terrrier (to date).

- Parker (BIS BISS Am/Can Ch Darwyn's Webslinger) won his first BEST IN SHOW with Aaron Andriash piloting him (Oct/10) and ended up Canada's #1 Welsh Terrier and Canada #8 Terrier 2010!

- Paisa (MBIS Am/Can Ch Sanherpinc Paisa) had a litter of 5 puppies sired by Parker; which we are very happy with them!

- Donny (Am Ch. Darwyn's Mad Men) went to 2 weekends worth of shows in the US, finished his American Championship AND was awarded a Group 2nd in Arizona!

- Monty (Ch. Darwyn Bruhil's Flying Circus) started and finished his Canadian Championship at Canada's largest show by winning the terrier group twice and awarded reserve best in show!

- Monty just sired his first litter!

And, just so much more happening here on a daily basis!

Another one of the exciting things that has happened here is that one of my dogs, Joe, is featured on the cover of a magazine.  There is a feature article about the Welsh Terrier breed, other general terrier articles and a feature of the Lakeland Terrier as well.  The magazine is Canine Review Feb/Mar issue.  Click below to go to the on-line version.  The online version is nice, but really, if you have any interest in the breed, I highly recommend that you buy a printed copy.  It is interesting stuff and has some truly beautiful pictures of the Welsh and Lakeland Terriers!

Enjoy your read and come back soon, I promise to get this updated more often again!

Canine Review - Feb/Mar 2011 Featuring Welsh and Lakeland Terriers!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Joe's first Group Win in Canada!

Joe (BISS GCh Am & Can Ch Darwyn's I'm Not Arguing That) was awarded 6 Group 1st Wins in California last year.

Today is a very proud day for me - Joe's first Group Win in his home country, Canada! (click here for link to the show results)

Thank you Mr. Thomas Nesbitt for this wonderful award, Milton Lopes and Tracy Tuff for your superb care, conditioning and presentation, and Michelle Gaudet for all of the help and support you provide. 

Bringing Joe home to Canada was a very difficult decision.  He was doing so well (BOB/G2 at Devon, Welsh Terrier Club of America Specialty, defeating 1000 terriers that day, 6 Group 1st in California, 3 BOB on Eukanuba weekend, just to name a few win in his short period in the US).  But since his US handler, Wood Wornall, was committed to campaigning a Welsh Terrier for his long term client, the only choice would have been to have a different US handler show him.  I considered this option, but given that I have never properly campaigned a dog in Canada before, I thought that this would be nice to bring a bit of focus on my breed in my home country (since so few get shown here, it would be nice to campaign a quality dog that enjoyed the show ring). 
This was Joe's second weekend out this year here.  Clearly this new team is working very well.  Milton, Tracy and Michelle are keeping him in awesome coat condition, and to watch him in the ring (and outside of the ring) shows just how happy he is.
We are happy.
You never know, Joe may be back to the US at some point - he's a good looking welsh terrier, and clearly by his US results, he is very competitive with the top terriers around the US.  But, for now we are looking foward to having a lot of fun with him back at home in Canada.
Judge:  Mr. Thomas Nesbitt
Handler:  Tracy Tuff
CKOC; March 2011