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Monday, July 23, 2012

Darwyn gets top Terrier awards for both 2010 and 2011

BC All Terrier Club Perpetual Trophies (dating back to the '60s)
Top Terrier of the Year
Top Terrier shown in BC
Top Owner-Bred Terrier
Larisa Hotchin of 'Darwyn' was awarded these 3 top trophies for both 2010 and 2011
I have not written about the various awards that "Darwyn" has recieved over the years, and I will start compiling that list (specifically club awards from the Welsh Terrier Club of America and the BC All Terrier Club).
For now I will just reference the above 3 perpetual trophies for Top Terrier of the Year, Top Terrier shown in BC and Top Owner-Bred.  They are from the BC All Terrier Club, and have dogs dating back to the '60s. Click here to see all of the 2011 award recipients.

I am honoured that one of my dogs, Joe, (MBIS, MBISS, GCh Am & Can Ch Darwyn's I'm Not Arguing That) received 3 of the top awards for 2011 -- Top Terrier of the Year, Top Terrier shown in BC and Top Owner-Bred!

It is also thrilling that last year, another one of my dogs, Parker, (BIS, BISS, Am & Can Ch. Darwyn's Webslinger) was awarded these same 3 top awards for 2010 results

Joe continued his show career during 2012, and is currently the #1 Terrier for all of Canada and the #4 dog amongst all breeds!  Parker recently went to Australia, and he is expected to make his show debut sometime this fall.

I am one that believes that our history is important - I have compiled the historical Top Terrier of the Year recipients for our club for the inception of the "big trophy" - click here to see history and check out what breed used to be in the terrier group - you'll have to look at the award winner from 1969!  I will compile other trophy winners when I get a chance.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy 1st birthday to Joe and Paisa's kids!

1 year old today and enjoying a wonderful life with his family!
I do not ship puppies very often -- unless it is to extra special people -- Griffin (above & right) is with one of those families. 
Griffin and his siblings turn 1 year old today and it makes me so happy to see how integral he is with his family.
He has 2 littermates that are in process of getting ready to make an appearance in the show ring, and when they do, I am positive that they will make their sire (Joe) and their dam (Paisa) very proud.  They aren't in top show coat yet, but the nice (unsolicited) comments are already coming!

Happy Birthday Griffin & Jason & Trooper & Tina!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Record Breaker - Record Maker - Joe!

Multi Best in Show & Specialty Winning
American Grand Champion & Canadian Champion
Darwyn's I'm Not Arguing That

Joe is the top winning Welsh Terrier in Canadian history!

He surpassed the previous record holder for the number of Best in Shows a few months ago - he now has received 21 BIS awards!  The previous record holder is a beautiful dog from back east that received 13 Bests quite a number of years ago.  Joe has also surpassed the other record holder for the total number of dogs defeated, with Joe's record currently standing around 10,000 (and the year is only half over).

The bar has definitely been raised (and still rising) for sure!  One day I will try to have another one defeat his records, but for now, we are just enjoying the ride.  Below are 2 of Joe's recent BIS wins - conditioned and presented with perfection by Milton Lopes (who, of course, has been Joe's main handler since Jan 2010).  I think you will agree with me that he and his partner Ash have Joe in top condition, and presented beautifully!  As always.

Currently Joe, with his 21 BISs and 117 career Group 1st wins, is Canada's #4 dog among all breeds for 2012 to date, which follows him being the #10 dog among all breeds in 2011.

Best in Show #21 - Ms. Mary White (US)

Best in Show #20 - Mr. Tim Doxtater (Canada)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The boys of Darwyn!

I tend to joke about the "Boys of Darwyn" (BTW, I love my girls here as well !! :) ... I have finally put together a summary page for significant boys bred here.  Given that I only have 1 or 2 litters a year, I am still shocked at how many significant dogs are on this page - and their significant wins in Groups, BISs and US breed specialties.  I am very fortunate.
I also have a couple of new puppy boys that I am pretty keen on, but, as always ... time will tell if they will make it onto the page or not!  :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Zorro has his own web page now!

As usual, it has all of the typical "Darwyn" details - pedigree, DNA tests, OFA tests, baby pictures, fun pictures, show pictures and a little bit of insight into his wonderful, loving and fun personality!
Ch Darwyn Don Diego de la Vega