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Sunday, May 2, 2010

I guess Rusty is still available...

Received a message that Rusty's owner was identified, but since he was a "stud dog", and now is he has been neutered, he isn't wanted anymore (realistically, I also place my retired dogs - I just don't have shelters place them for me).   So ... if anyone is interested, a 4 year old dog that has a grade 4 heart murmur that was a stud dog for a few years in a Victoria area breeder IS still available at that adoption centre (link below in the previous post).  While I don't approve of how he got there (obviously), a forever home really is what this boy needs - so if you have any interest, please check him out.
I would ALSO highly encourage anyone getting a Welsh Terrier from a breeder in the Victoria area to ask a few very specific questions about the health of the stud dog/brood bitches - particularly the heart (which is a hereditary issue).  You can either ask the breeder, or in some cases, some breeders (like myself) post these health test information publically on the OFFA website.
The Welsh Terrier (cardiac) test information link is here.
So ... for now, Rusty still needs a home, and I HIGHLY recommend that anyone getting a Welsh Terrier puppy from the Victoria BC area that they ask some specific health test questions...really, from any breeder, I guess.


  1. It looks like Rusty has now been adopted. :-)

  2. Glad to hear that he has a home! Where is he?


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