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Friday, February 26, 2010

Parker wins an Award of Merit at Westminster Kennel Club!

The Garden .... wow!  New York City in Madison Square Garden .... wow!

OK, first of all, I know this post is out of order - the important day was over a week ago - Feb 16, 2010.  But, that's OK, I'm still getting used to this blog thing :-)

It was a pretty amazing place and a really amazing win!  Michael and I are thrilled!  Wood and Jenny Wornall and Andrew Peel (and Caitlyn!) really did a superb job!  In amongst the tens of thousands of people walking around (or more??), and rows of people deep outside of the (relatively small) ring, they prepared and presented Parker as if there was no one around - it was if it was just Woody, Parker, the judge and the dogs that the judge asked Woody to spar Parker with.  It was breath taking to watch them together.  I'm happy with the result - but after watching that performance, and seeing the absolutely beautiful condition that Parker was in ... he could have walked out of there without anything and I know that he was in the best condition possible, presented impecably and while I know I'm biased, I'm truly happy that he's the dog in that ring that I own and love.

Well - to the judging.  It really was a tough breed ring this year.  Certainly not a 'shoe-in' for any of the dogs there.  There were 8 welsh entered and 7 showed up (click here to see the entries).  Three were National Specialty Winners (including Parker) - 2 from our primary specialty at Montgomery from the last couple of years.  Parker's sire, a BIS dog was there, along with another couple of Group Winning Welsh (in addition to Parker and Spyder).  And the other dogs entered were also in superb condition, presented beautifully and were well seasoned show dogs.  So, for the BOB and only 1 Award of Merit available - a very exciting (and nerve wracking) competition was held!  Michael and I had really good seats that were in the stands and fairly close to the rings.

It was really nice to see the judge spar the dogs.  This isn't something that is done very much in Canada, but when it is done well with people that understand their dogs, it really does help make for a show and to show off the beautiful dogs (looking at each other).  A couple of the dogs, to my surprise, were not very happy about being that close to another dog (but, with all of the stress in the air, I'm sure that the dogs picked up on that).  Parker was very controlled and focussed when he was sparred with both his sire and his half-brother.  He really did look great!  And, I was really excited about seeing him and his close relatives spar together - it was nice to see how they are similar ... and different.

Eventually the judge pointed to Parker's 1/2 brother for the BOB award (a dog they call Josh) ... then one of the 2 bitches entered was given the BOS award ... and then PARKER WAS AWARDED THE ONE AWARD OF MERIT!  WOO HOO!  

Beth Hilborn got a couple of nice pictures of Parker, which I have included.  The top picture is a profile of him (Ch. Darwyn's Webslinger) and the bottom one here is him (on the right) sparring with his sire (Ch. Bayleigh Shaireabs Superhero - Spyder, on the left).

Congratulations to all that attended!
The dogs looked spectacular and were presented very well! 

Michael and I are already looking forward to attending next year!  We just have to figure out which musicals to attend - the 2 that we attended this year were amazing (Avenue Q and Wicked) ... we just hope we can find a couple that are just as good!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Athena's DEBUT in Canada with 2 Group placements!

OK ... still tired from our New York trip to Westminster and definitely have the makings of a bad cold. And as these things go, Michael is also now coming down with it. Darn. So, needless to say, I haven't been really motivated to unpack or do much in the way of dog trimming. Just hanging out with the dogs, catching up with the news and for the most part seem GLUED to on-line streaming of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics! Those athletes, from all over the world, are amazing at what they do! And, it sure does make me proud to be a Canadian. They are all truly skilled in their area of passions. In a way, sort of like dog showing - but OH so much more! :-)

Well, being so close to the computer has meant that I have been anxiously awaiting the results of Athena's (Am Ch Darwyn's Heroic Endeavour) FIRST weekend out in Canada with Doug Belter. In Canada, http://www.canuckdogs.com/, does a fantastic job of getting group results up on the same day as the show.

The first 2 days - nothing.  Darn.  I had to look into who was entered that was being placed in the group above my girl.

Well, as it turned out, this was not a small show that Doug went to, in fact this show (Ontario Breeders Association) is one of the larger shows associated with the "Eukanuba Top 100 Competition" for Canada!  I had no idea!?  By the looks of it, there are some pretty nice dogs there - and quite a few terriers (double to what we see here at a typical show and triple to what a lot of parts of Canada see)!  The group placing terriers included: 
- a Norwich that has had multiple Best Puppy in Show (BPIS) wins and one of the top Norwich in 2009
- a SCWT that also has some BPIS wins and multiple group placements
- a Lakeland that ALSO had some BPIS wins AND Group Wins in 2009 in their show record!
- the #1 Australian Terrier in Canada AND a group winner!
- the #1 Kerry Blue Terrier which ALSO happened to be the #1 TERRIER in Canada AND #6 dog ALL BREEDS (I now understand that this show ALSO hosted the "Top 100 Competition" show)
- AND a multiple Best in Show Westi!

There may have been a few other top terriers in the competition, however, these are the ones that got group placements on the first couple of days that I could see entered. I was disappointed, but understood. Athena was certainly at a show where quality terriers were also - NOT some small show away from the competition.

Day 3 ... Athena got a Group 4 placement!  WOO HOO!
Day 4 .... a GROUP 2!
Athena (Am Ch. Darwyn's Heroic Endeavour) is actually 1/2 to her Canadian Championship since there were so many terrier breeds represented!

WHEW!  Now I can relax and let this darn flu bug run it's course!  Athena is well on her way to finishing in Canada and will come home sometime soon.  Now, we just need to wait for a couple of more shows. 

My US Specialty Winning girl is clearly catching the attention of some of the Canadian judges, and I'm sure capturing the hearts of the spectators and everyone she meets. :-)  Next summer (hopefully) she will become a mother and a new generation will start!  I'm very excited about what she might produce and very excited about the dog I am planning on breeding her to!

Cross your fingers for us in the middle of March - that's when her next show will be!  That one is connected with the big PURINA / CKC National Championship (in a way, it is sort of like the Canadian equivalent, or want to be, of the US Eukanuba/AKC National).  However, I must tell Doug that if he wants to go to a small show, that's fine with me ... he doesn't have to only go to the big shows where all of the top dogs are!  :-)

So ... fingers crossed for her please!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

We're back from New York!

Arrived home REALLY early this morning (3am early ... which is 6am New York time!) ... but, it was a great flight.  I have the early indications of a flu bug and neither of us got much sleep last night.  But, we are home and the weather is GREAT!  Went around and picked up the dogs and puppies today and everyone did really well and by the sounds of it had a blast!  Donny and Dora (our K-See puppies) hung out with a Wire Haired Dachi puppy and a couple of bigger dogs - and when we went to pick them up, Donny and Dora were the only ones NOT barking!  Just hanging out and enjoying the sunshine :-)  Next up - Paisa and Joe at the local kennel (got to enjoy each others company all week) ... they both received A+ marks and are welcome back anytime!  And, just now picked up my Paisa puppies (Monty and Cosmo) from next door - who spent the week running around the acreage with a couple of BIG Bernease Mtn Dogs and MINI Dachi's ... all happy to be home, but all had a grand time away!

Next up is ATHENA!  I'm a bit nervous.  She went to Doug Belters after she finished her American Championship a couple of months ago to make her debut in Canada.  I originally planned to show her myself, but we have a small thing going on here now called the WINTER OLYMPICS!  For a couple of months dog shows have shut down!  So, to take advantage of of the fact that she is ALREADY in great coat, and not to have to keep it up here, along with my puppies and other dogs, Doug (who has access to more shows) was a great choice (especially since he really understands terriers and terrier coats and temperament).  So, while Athena hasn't been in the ring for a couple of months, and even then, she was only in the ring a few weekends since she finished so quickly (starting with her 5 point major at Montgomery!) ... well ... FINGERS CROSSED for the next couple of days for her!

I'm off to take some cold medication, wash dogs and hopefully get some sleep tonight!  Ciao!