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Saturday, February 20, 2010

We're back from New York!

Arrived home REALLY early this morning (3am early ... which is 6am New York time!) ... but, it was a great flight.  I have the early indications of a flu bug and neither of us got much sleep last night.  But, we are home and the weather is GREAT!  Went around and picked up the dogs and puppies today and everyone did really well and by the sounds of it had a blast!  Donny and Dora (our K-See puppies) hung out with a Wire Haired Dachi puppy and a couple of bigger dogs - and when we went to pick them up, Donny and Dora were the only ones NOT barking!  Just hanging out and enjoying the sunshine :-)  Next up - Paisa and Joe at the local kennel (got to enjoy each others company all week) ... they both received A+ marks and are welcome back anytime!  And, just now picked up my Paisa puppies (Monty and Cosmo) from next door - who spent the week running around the acreage with a couple of BIG Bernease Mtn Dogs and MINI Dachi's ... all happy to be home, but all had a grand time away!

Next up is ATHENA!  I'm a bit nervous.  She went to Doug Belters after she finished her American Championship a couple of months ago to make her debut in Canada.  I originally planned to show her myself, but we have a small thing going on here now called the WINTER OLYMPICS!  For a couple of months dog shows have shut down!  So, to take advantage of of the fact that she is ALREADY in great coat, and not to have to keep it up here, along with my puppies and other dogs, Doug (who has access to more shows) was a great choice (especially since he really understands terriers and terrier coats and temperament).  So, while Athena hasn't been in the ring for a couple of months, and even then, she was only in the ring a few weekends since she finished so quickly (starting with her 5 point major at Montgomery!) ... well ... FINGERS CROSSED for the next couple of days for her!

I'm off to take some cold medication, wash dogs and hopefully get some sleep tonight!  Ciao!

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