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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Older puppies available ...

I have been very busy in these last few months, so have not followed up with everyone that has sent me a request (I appologize - but I have life and dogs and relationships and property also going on in my life ... and there is just so much time!).
Anyways, I have a young boy (9.5 months old) available -- however, I am looking for an extra special home for him, and one that is relatively local to me (Lower Mainland, BC).  There is also another boy that a good friend of mine has available, 10 months old, and he lives in the Los Angeles (California) area - both are absolutely wonderful boys, very well socialized, healthy and great temperaments!
If you have terrier experience, and possibly interested - please contact me.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

True Terrier instinct at work!

Pepper caught a gopher! 

Then he let him go! 

While his family was happy, I'm sure Pepper didn't mean to let him go.  It seems he was trying to get a better grip, but the gopher didn't stick around!  Gophers, unlike squeaky toys, run away if they are given the chance ... something Pepper will remember next time, I'm sure!

Pepper, a 10 month old puppy that I sold as a pet last fall (a Haley x Merlin son), went camping this weekend and the grounds had lot's of great wildlife ... deer that came inches away from their RV and gophers (and their holes) everywhere!

I think Pepper thought that he had found 'heaven on earth'.  Here's a before and after photo of the experience .... life is RUFF!

So ... thinking about that upcoming Earthdog trial in Vancouver in September... clearly my welshies have that natural instinct pretty well cemented in!

And, speaking of puppies - if Addie does have puppies this fall, they will be related to Pepper on both sides of the family tree.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Put Sept 11/12 onto your calendar and be prepared for your Earthdog to have some fun!

The Sea to Sky Earthdog Club (in Vancouver BC) will have Earthdog Trials in September in the Vancouver area!  Click here for the specific details!
There are 4 CKC Earthdog tests with 4 sets of classes at each level as well as prizes and a breed challenge!
If you have this weekend available - please check it out!  And, as they say ... go play with them, or watch and enjoy!  This is what the Welsh Terrier was originally bred to do -- and from videos that I saw of some friends that have welshies in New York, their dogs had a blast last weekend!  Check out this news clip of the event!

Here's a photo of K-See ... Am/Can Ch Saredon Chasing Secrets) ... taken a few years ago showing her natural instincts on my property!
Now that she lives in Alaska .... when she isn't cuddling with the fishing lodge guests, I am SURE that she is doing her very best to keep rodents away from Katies property!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Remember Robbie? Here he is 7 years old - still looking great ... clipped for the last few years, but looking good!

I woke up this morning to a truly wonderful email ... a real blast from the past ... my first home-bred BOB Specialty Winner!
My friend (she has headed up the Health Committee of the Welsh Terrier Club of America for years) told me that she had the opportunity to see a very special boy of mine to give him a pet groom.  Obviously by the photo, she does a very nice job (yes, some WTs lose their rich colors over the years if they are clippered ... that's OK, in fact that is normal for some).  Her comment was particularly special for me, as it is how I feel as well ..."I just adore him, he reminds me of so many dogs of days gone by".  Isn't that sweet!

YES -- this is ROBBIE - Am Ch. Darwyn's Heart Throb!  A K-See son! (click on their names to see more!)

Robbie had a very brief show career ... he was sold as a pet to people that wanted a dog that looked really good, good enough to finish his championship in California ... well, he finished in style!  5 point majors at some big shows - including Louiseville KY and Sacramento California .... 2 of his most memorable wins included Best of Breed at the Welsh Terrier Club of America National Specialty (conditioned and presented beautifully by Mr. Wood Wornall) and then about a month later Robbie was awarded Best of Breed with the owner (not a seasoned show handler) in California over a specials dog that Gabriel Rangel had .... BOTH of these wins were extremely exciting for his owners - and me as his breeder!  This past 5 years since he was shown have gone by pretty quick that's for sure!  Thank you Maureen for taking such great care of my boy and thank you Ginny for making him look so pretty in his happy retirement days! :-)

NEXT GENERATION from Robbie has begun .... in Oct/09 KSee (Am/Can Ch. Saredon Chasing Secrets) had her 3rd and last litter and then retired to a life of luxury in a home that runs a fishing lodge in Alaska (I'll write more about that later) ... her next generation is just growing up now in our home - 9 month old Donny and Dora (Merlin is their father ... Paisa's sire, who is also the sire of the winners bitch from the WTCA National Specialty that occured recently at Great Western - Long Beach California) are looking great and are a dream to live with ... happy and spunky, but very settled and easy going in the home (below is a photo of Dora and Michael running on the beach).  I love you guys!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Keep your fingers crossed for puppies in a couple of months!

Addie (aka Athena), recently retired from the show circuit where she finished both her American and Canadian Championships in style, is hoping to have puppies in mid September! 
In the US - she won at the Welsh Terrier Club of America National Specialty, and in Canada, multiple Group Placements (currently #2 Welsh Terrier spot in Canada -- we'll see if she holds onto that over the year or not ... no more shows for her.

Her #1 job in life now is to keep Gloria company, scare away any squirrels from the backyard and go to the beach for a swim and walks ... oh darn, eh?

I also hope that I will be posting new puppy pictures here in a couple of months. We are all very excited - a mix between 2 truly beautiful Welsh Terriers, fantastic pedigrees on both sides, and temperaments that can go directly from a show ring to playing with young children (albeit the right children, with great parents :-)

Now the waiting game starts ... keep your fingers crossed for us.  If she is anything like her mom Haley (recently identified as #1 Welsh Terrier dam in the US for 2009), Addie will be a terrific mom ... when she was a year to a year and a half old, she was a fantastic playmate to both Joe and Parker ... so, we have no doubts about her being a great mom.
Stay tuned!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Joe's sire ALSO won Back-to-Back Groups this past weekend ... Joe in California and his sire in Nebraska!

After reviewing the AKC Weekly wins (links included on the dates) for Sat July 17, 2010 and Sun July 18, 2010, I see that Spyder, Joe's sire, also won back-to-back groups this weekend in Omaha Nebraska! Congratulations to breeder-owners of Spyder! I guess I should be happy that these two very nice dogs, while competed against each other the previous weekend in Ventura California, decided to go to different shows this weekend ... I'm thinking that Woody is happy that he didn't drive the 1800+ miles that Jorge did to Nebraska (click here for that show). Instead, he and Joe went up the coast from where he lives to beautiful Carmel California.
Personally, I would take the cool breezes off the California Coast any day ... I understand it is SUPER HOT in the mid west right now ... I know, I am gearing up for my trip to Oklahoma next month to evaluate Parker's 8 week old puppies!

A truly great weekend for both sire and son - a really great thing for the breed overall!
Joe's page progresses ... more to come though!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Just got the news that Joe WON the Terrier group again today in Carmel California!  He is the first dog that I have bred to have back-to-back Group Wins in the US!  Paisa (Am/Can Ch Sanherpinc Paisa) was the first one that I have owned ... but Joe is the first one that I have bred!  And, the competition at this weekends show is not "too shabby" ... a lot of multi-BIS dogs were listed in the catalogue this weekend!


Wasn't he a cutie-pie at 8 weeks of age? 

And ... I have *started* on his page ... but I have lot's more to come ... stories and more important - more photos!  Stay tuned!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Joe's page is 1 picture closer - inspired by todays Group Win!

Joe's GROUP WIN today in Carmel, California inspired me to figure out how to create a new header picture (well - thanks mostly to Martin who created a template for me last year) ... but I haven't done it for a while so was a bit intimidated.  I found a candid that Carol Beauchat took of Joe last month and cropped it to fit the header (hope you don't mind Carol - your full picture will be shown on Joe's page).

I meant to write Joe's full webpage tonight, but I got caught up in looking through pictures.  However, I did change his header and the header on the homepage (that's our Joe!).

A nifty thing about today's Group Win, is that the judge, a long time terrier man, Mr. Kenneth McDermott, gave Joe his 2nd MAJOR, when he was a puppy, with awarding him BOB over a few specials .... and with ME handling and conditioning him!  I wish I had been there today so I could have thanked him!  Actually, I also wish I was there today because Carmel California is just so darn beautiful!  :-)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Joe is the #2 Welsh Terrier in the US - after only 3 months! WOW!

June results are in and JOE (Am/Can CH Darwyn's I'm Not Arguing That) is the #2 Welsh Terrier!

A really cool thing is that he has only been shown for THREE MONTHS, with a Group Placement, or Group Win almost every weekend!

Another neat thing is that the #1 WT (who is currenlty the #3 Terrier) is Joe's sire ... aka  "Spyder"!

Joe and Spyder have gone "head-to-head" 8 times as specials and so far it is a DRAW!  4  Best of Breed wins each! When they compete, it's always fun to bet as to who you will see in the group ring!  :-)

Given that Spyder is a well seasoned show dog (been living with a show handler and conditioned for the show ring for the last 2.5 years - not 3 months like Joe - knows what his job is, and is more mature - obviously) and started off the year flying to Florida to get a couple of Best in Shows, I highly doubt that Joe will catch him this year in all-breed points.  Perhaps .... but, the numbers are on Spyders side ... he just has way more than what Joe has. ... but, saying that, I think that Joe is giving Spyder good honest competition.  I know that if I was the breeder-owner of Spyder, I sure would be proud of his get's accomplishments (actually BOTH Joe and Parker .... and Parker, don't forget, after a couple of weeks back home in Canada is the #1 Welsh Terrier here and a multiple Group Winner also!)

OK - I have said it before, but this time I mean it ... this weekend I will FOR SURE (I promise!) that I will write up and do Joe's web page ... he deserves it, I just have to get focussed and do it! And, stop this blogging stuff  :-)

Stay tuned!

Fun with Paisa and Grover in the park today!

It's summertime in BC (a nice 24C / 75F today), and Michael and I went out to a local park with Grover and Grover's family. Today we decided to bring along Grover's dam for the walk (Paisa - BIS Am/Can CH Sanherpinc Paisa). We had a GREAT time!

Michael and I didn't bring our camera, so no photos from the walk (maybe). Martin may have gotten some, and if he did, we might post one or two (stay tuned!). Melissa was telling me about a new video they recently posted on their website of Tyler (their 3 year old child) and Grover dancing - so of course I had to check it out when I got home! It is terrific! I have posted it here for you to also enjoy!

Tyler & Grover Being Princesses from Martin Blumenfeld on Vimeo.

Tyler makes everyone wish that they could spend time with a 3 year old, and Grover makes everyone wish they could have a Welsh Terrier (THIS Welsh Terrier!) -- together, this team is unbelievably cute and sweet! 
However, I have to say this...
... while Grover is a good natured boy, it is the parents terrific parenting skills (good guidelines, safe environment, easy going attitude, relaxed about the 'little things') that actually make this work ... I am 100% convinced of that!  If you ever saw them in action, well, you would know exactly what I mean.  Today was a perfect example - Tyler fell down in some gravel and started crying ... after being brushed off, she was almost immediately happy at the thought of getting a pretty bandage!  And, this is how they treat small issues that arise with Grover as well ... and both are turning out to be very well mannered kids :-)

See you soon for a BBQ!  Love ya!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

TRAINING TIP - Proper Greeting: Stop Your Dog from Jumping on People!

I subscribe to The Whole Dog Journal, and find that they have some really good "dog sense" tips on training, food and health.  There is an on-line version, a paper version mailed to your home, and every once in a while some tips emailed to you.  Yesterday's training tip is not only timely (thinking about Fergus looking for a new home), but also pertainent to the breed!  I am sharing it with you below, and I made the name above into a link if you want to find out more about -- the WDJ is a great, and inexpensive, resource!

WDJ, July 14, 2010:
"There's a common misconception that dogs jump on people to establish dominance. Balderdash! Dogs jump on people because there's something about jumping that is reinforcing for the dog - usually the human attention that results from the jumping. If you want your dog to stop jumping on people, you have to be sure he doesn't get reinforced for it.
Here's what you can do when your dog jumps on people:
Interrupt - but train for and reinforce the behaviour you DO want
1.  Minimize the reinforcement your dog gets from jumping on someone by cheerfully removing him from the situation as soon as possible. (ie. interrupt the "stimulus" situation as soon as it starts)
2.  You may want to leave a "tab" attached to your dog's collar when he's around people - a short (4 to 6 inch) leash that makes it easy for you to lead him away. Such products can be purchased or just cut off an old leash. Don't leave the tab on your dog when he's alone; he could get it caught on something.
3.  Train your dog how to offer a polite greeting
4.  Reinforce the behaviour you WANT - don't reinforce the behaviour you don't want.

WDJ has an e-book on more specific training suggestions for this (common) dog behaviour.  You can check it out at this link (WDJ - PROPER GREETINGS)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Young dog available -- 4 year old Fergus

Once in a while I get an inquiry from people that think the breed is 'hypoallergenic'. While this breed does not shed much, it is like ANY dog, they do have dander (dried skin shed from the body as with most animals), and this is what people with allergies usually are affected by ... some more than others, and sometimes things change over time. This is what happened with Fergus's family. The child's allergies have grown over time and they have come to the decision to find Fergus a new home.
He is an active and outgoing dog and loves to play with balls and toys. He also is very settled with the family in the evenings, enjoying to be on someone lap! He has had specific obedience training, and for the most part is a lovely well behaved dog, enjoys meeting new people and dogs outside, and is housetrained and crate trained. His current family takes him to a local park where they let him dig in the sand pit - and he does! Some welshies dig while others do not.  I would recommend that he does not go to a home that has young children - he is used to them, but he can be a bit intense. His challenge in the home is when new people arrive, and leave (he gets very excited).
While his current owners have come to the decision to find a new home, he is a part of their family so want  to keep him until the right home comes along.  If you are interested and have terrier experience - please contact me.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Annual Awards Day today - we have a great club!

We had a terrific day with people from our local terrier club (http://www.bcallterrier.com/) today - at our Annual Awards Day / Celebration / Social Gathering!

A tradition going back decades in the club, it's really a great way to connect with people in a fun and relaxed atmosphere - people that typically you are competing against in the show ring!

There were lot's of laughs about recent RV breakdown stories (mine was one of them - yikes!), club members that had gone to US specialties, Canadian shows, puppies, club members that had recently flown to Denmark for the World Show ... as well as lot's of non-doggie related discussion.  The weather could not have been better!  Last month it was unusually cool and wet (we called it June-Uary here), and then a couple of days ago it was so hot that heat records were being broken!  Today was warm, sunny and not at all humid.  Perfect!

Given that I am the President of the club I had the honour of distributing the HARDWARE (engraved medalians on nice trophies - tradition going back decades in the club) -- WHAT FUN!  I also got the opportunity to sign all of the award certificates, and awards for all of the new champions (Canadian and American) by club members ... we have a VERY active and SUCCESSFUL group of club members that's for sure!  And, you know what - that's great!  Strong competition makes for better breeding, presentation and overall quality.  A couple of weeks ago when I was down in S. California at a Terrier Specialty (Great Western) a handful of our club members took home the majors in their breeds, BOB and AOMs! 

We have a great group of people in our club... VERY competitive with quality dogs ... I am so proud.  :-) 

However, it made me realise that perhaps I should be doing just a bit more showing in CANADA and not just the US as my US wins DON'T count! I didn't get any of this terrific hardware! I have in the past, but not this year ... while Paisa was #1 Welsh Terrier in Canada, she was only shown for 2 weekends (not enough to crack our top terrier #s), and the boys, well, their focus was the US. Darn!

BUT - on the subject of showing in the US ... I was informed that JOE (Am/Can CH Darwyn's I'm Not Arguing That) BOTH yesterday and today was BOB (over the dog that Jorge is campaigning - Spyder, which is also the #1 in the breed currently) AND got a Group 3 today at the HUGE Ventura/Santa Barbara shows - also beating Eddie's Smooth Fox Terrier, which is the #2 Terrier in the US!  WOO HOO!  No hardware for me from my club - but 2 VERY nice wins for my boy Joe!  :-)

Here's a couple of candids that Michael took at Great Western 2 weeks ago of Joe (Am/Can CH Darwyn's I'm Not Arguing That) - with Wood Wornall, and one with him waiting with Andrew Peel.  I am SO proud of how Joe is maturing!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Decisions made .... now to find a GREAT home!

Whenever I have a litter born, I always wait until the puppies are 8 weeks old until I see which ones I want to "grow up" as potential show dogs, and dogs that will continue on developing the 'darwyn line'.  Well, when you say that you are going to grow them up - that means that sometimes, some of the young dogs end up moving on.  Thank goodness people that get one of the dogs that I have bred are such fantastic people.  But ... I must admit, I do get very attached to them, and it is hard to make the decision to let them go on to new families....

It is SO much harder of a decision when they are so wonderful to live with - I mean, Donny is happy, easy going and, inside, VERY settled! Even when he was a really young puppy!  In fact, I had often wondered if I would be placing him simply because he wouldn't be showy enough to make it as a show dog!  But, as he has gotten a few months older, he has proven that isn't a problem ... he's just a really relaxed type of guy inside the house, or car, or RV, or...

Such is what I have been struggling with lately, and on our current RV trip to our National Specialty in California (and now enjoying the wide open beaches of S. Oregon!), I have come to the decision that one of my young boys will get a family of his own ...

... at least, I'll start looking into it next week. 

THIS WEEK, Michael and I will continue to enjoy our time with him while he hangs out with us in the RV and has fun running around on the beach in S. Oregon with his litter sister, Dora.

Donny - you just were a GREAT dog that came along at the WRONG time .... not including you, there are already 3 boys here - both Joe and Parker (only 2 years old themselves are top ranked dogs/boys of mine in both the US and Canada - both US group winners), and Monty,well, he is going to stay a bit longer .... You,well, you would have also been a good show dog and are SO welshie (head,expression, bone, coat, color, short back, tail set, shoulders/reach, topline, etc) ...

... I wish I had unlimited time and attention to give everyone, so everyone could always stay.  But, don't worry, I will find you an AMAZING home - as all of my other Darwyn Welsh have come to learn .... I don't just let anyone have one of my dogs ... we'll start to figure this out, but right now, let's just continue to enjoy our time together!

People that know me well know that when I come to these decisions, these are very hard for me and very upsetting .... I'm happy once I figure out where the dogs go, but it's very hard when I first make the decision ...  they are just part of our life, I don't know how else to put it.  It's days like this when I wish that I just didn't get attached and connected to the dogs....but, I do, and that's just the way it is.

xox  xox