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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Joe's page is 1 picture closer - inspired by todays Group Win!

Joe's GROUP WIN today in Carmel, California inspired me to figure out how to create a new header picture (well - thanks mostly to Martin who created a template for me last year) ... but I haven't done it for a while so was a bit intimidated.  I found a candid that Carol Beauchat took of Joe last month and cropped it to fit the header (hope you don't mind Carol - your full picture will be shown on Joe's page).

I meant to write Joe's full webpage tonight, but I got caught up in looking through pictures.  However, I did change his header and the header on the homepage (that's our Joe!).

A nifty thing about today's Group Win, is that the judge, a long time terrier man, Mr. Kenneth McDermott, gave Joe his 2nd MAJOR, when he was a puppy, with awarding him BOB over a few specials .... and with ME handling and conditioning him!  I wish I had been there today so I could have thanked him!  Actually, I also wish I was there today because Carmel California is just so darn beautiful!  :-)

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