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Thursday, July 15, 2010

TRAINING TIP - Proper Greeting: Stop Your Dog from Jumping on People!

I subscribe to The Whole Dog Journal, and find that they have some really good "dog sense" tips on training, food and health.  There is an on-line version, a paper version mailed to your home, and every once in a while some tips emailed to you.  Yesterday's training tip is not only timely (thinking about Fergus looking for a new home), but also pertainent to the breed!  I am sharing it with you below, and I made the name above into a link if you want to find out more about -- the WDJ is a great, and inexpensive, resource!

WDJ, July 14, 2010:
"There's a common misconception that dogs jump on people to establish dominance. Balderdash! Dogs jump on people because there's something about jumping that is reinforcing for the dog - usually the human attention that results from the jumping. If you want your dog to stop jumping on people, you have to be sure he doesn't get reinforced for it.
Here's what you can do when your dog jumps on people:
Interrupt - but train for and reinforce the behaviour you DO want
1.  Minimize the reinforcement your dog gets from jumping on someone by cheerfully removing him from the situation as soon as possible. (ie. interrupt the "stimulus" situation as soon as it starts)
2.  You may want to leave a "tab" attached to your dog's collar when he's around people - a short (4 to 6 inch) leash that makes it easy for you to lead him away. Such products can be purchased or just cut off an old leash. Don't leave the tab on your dog when he's alone; he could get it caught on something.
3.  Train your dog how to offer a polite greeting
4.  Reinforce the behaviour you WANT - don't reinforce the behaviour you don't want.

WDJ has an e-book on more specific training suggestions for this (common) dog behaviour.  You can check it out at this link (WDJ - PROPER GREETINGS)

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