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Monday, July 26, 2010

Put Sept 11/12 onto your calendar and be prepared for your Earthdog to have some fun!

The Sea to Sky Earthdog Club (in Vancouver BC) will have Earthdog Trials in September in the Vancouver area!  Click here for the specific details!
There are 4 CKC Earthdog tests with 4 sets of classes at each level as well as prizes and a breed challenge!
If you have this weekend available - please check it out!  And, as they say ... go play with them, or watch and enjoy!  This is what the Welsh Terrier was originally bred to do -- and from videos that I saw of some friends that have welshies in New York, their dogs had a blast last weekend!  Check out this news clip of the event!

Here's a photo of K-See ... Am/Can Ch Saredon Chasing Secrets) ... taken a few years ago showing her natural instincts on my property!
Now that she lives in Alaska .... when she isn't cuddling with the fishing lodge guests, I am SURE that she is doing her very best to keep rodents away from Katies property!

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