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Friday, July 16, 2010

Fun with Paisa and Grover in the park today!

It's summertime in BC (a nice 24C / 75F today), and Michael and I went out to a local park with Grover and Grover's family. Today we decided to bring along Grover's dam for the walk (Paisa - BIS Am/Can CH Sanherpinc Paisa). We had a GREAT time!

Michael and I didn't bring our camera, so no photos from the walk (maybe). Martin may have gotten some, and if he did, we might post one or two (stay tuned!). Melissa was telling me about a new video they recently posted on their website of Tyler (their 3 year old child) and Grover dancing - so of course I had to check it out when I got home! It is terrific! I have posted it here for you to also enjoy!

Tyler & Grover Being Princesses from Martin Blumenfeld on Vimeo.

Tyler makes everyone wish that they could spend time with a 3 year old, and Grover makes everyone wish they could have a Welsh Terrier (THIS Welsh Terrier!) -- together, this team is unbelievably cute and sweet! 
However, I have to say this...
... while Grover is a good natured boy, it is the parents terrific parenting skills (good guidelines, safe environment, easy going attitude, relaxed about the 'little things') that actually make this work ... I am 100% convinced of that!  If you ever saw them in action, well, you would know exactly what I mean.  Today was a perfect example - Tyler fell down in some gravel and started crying ... after being brushed off, she was almost immediately happy at the thought of getting a pretty bandage!  And, this is how they treat small issues that arise with Grover as well ... and both are turning out to be very well mannered kids :-)

See you soon for a BBQ!  Love ya!


  1. Awww shucks! Thank you!! Melissa's still blushing from having read your post. And that picture of Grover always makes me laugh the second I see it.

    They're both definitely great kids. Part nature and part nurture.

    I can't wait for our next walk!

  2. Looking forward to the BBQ at our place with you guys and Gloria!


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