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Monday, July 19, 2010

Joe's sire ALSO won Back-to-Back Groups this past weekend ... Joe in California and his sire in Nebraska!

After reviewing the AKC Weekly wins (links included on the dates) for Sat July 17, 2010 and Sun July 18, 2010, I see that Spyder, Joe's sire, also won back-to-back groups this weekend in Omaha Nebraska! Congratulations to breeder-owners of Spyder! I guess I should be happy that these two very nice dogs, while competed against each other the previous weekend in Ventura California, decided to go to different shows this weekend ... I'm thinking that Woody is happy that he didn't drive the 1800+ miles that Jorge did to Nebraska (click here for that show). Instead, he and Joe went up the coast from where he lives to beautiful Carmel California.
Personally, I would take the cool breezes off the California Coast any day ... I understand it is SUPER HOT in the mid west right now ... I know, I am gearing up for my trip to Oklahoma next month to evaluate Parker's 8 week old puppies!

A truly great weekend for both sire and son - a really great thing for the breed overall!
Joe's page progresses ... more to come though!

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