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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Remember Robbie? Here he is 7 years old - still looking great ... clipped for the last few years, but looking good!

I woke up this morning to a truly wonderful email ... a real blast from the past ... my first home-bred BOB Specialty Winner!
My friend (she has headed up the Health Committee of the Welsh Terrier Club of America for years) told me that she had the opportunity to see a very special boy of mine to give him a pet groom.  Obviously by the photo, she does a very nice job (yes, some WTs lose their rich colors over the years if they are clippered ... that's OK, in fact that is normal for some).  Her comment was particularly special for me, as it is how I feel as well ..."I just adore him, he reminds me of so many dogs of days gone by".  Isn't that sweet!

YES -- this is ROBBIE - Am Ch. Darwyn's Heart Throb!  A K-See son! (click on their names to see more!)

Robbie had a very brief show career ... he was sold as a pet to people that wanted a dog that looked really good, good enough to finish his championship in California ... well, he finished in style!  5 point majors at some big shows - including Louiseville KY and Sacramento California .... 2 of his most memorable wins included Best of Breed at the Welsh Terrier Club of America National Specialty (conditioned and presented beautifully by Mr. Wood Wornall) and then about a month later Robbie was awarded Best of Breed with the owner (not a seasoned show handler) in California over a specials dog that Gabriel Rangel had .... BOTH of these wins were extremely exciting for his owners - and me as his breeder!  This past 5 years since he was shown have gone by pretty quick that's for sure!  Thank you Maureen for taking such great care of my boy and thank you Ginny for making him look so pretty in his happy retirement days! :-)

NEXT GENERATION from Robbie has begun .... in Oct/09 KSee (Am/Can Ch. Saredon Chasing Secrets) had her 3rd and last litter and then retired to a life of luxury in a home that runs a fishing lodge in Alaska (I'll write more about that later) ... her next generation is just growing up now in our home - 9 month old Donny and Dora (Merlin is their father ... Paisa's sire, who is also the sire of the winners bitch from the WTCA National Specialty that occured recently at Great Western - Long Beach California) are looking great and are a dream to live with ... happy and spunky, but very settled and easy going in the home (below is a photo of Dora and Michael running on the beach).  I love you guys!

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