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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Decisions made .... now to find a GREAT home!

Whenever I have a litter born, I always wait until the puppies are 8 weeks old until I see which ones I want to "grow up" as potential show dogs, and dogs that will continue on developing the 'darwyn line'.  Well, when you say that you are going to grow them up - that means that sometimes, some of the young dogs end up moving on.  Thank goodness people that get one of the dogs that I have bred are such fantastic people.  But ... I must admit, I do get very attached to them, and it is hard to make the decision to let them go on to new families....

It is SO much harder of a decision when they are so wonderful to live with - I mean, Donny is happy, easy going and, inside, VERY settled! Even when he was a really young puppy!  In fact, I had often wondered if I would be placing him simply because he wouldn't be showy enough to make it as a show dog!  But, as he has gotten a few months older, he has proven that isn't a problem ... he's just a really relaxed type of guy inside the house, or car, or RV, or...

Such is what I have been struggling with lately, and on our current RV trip to our National Specialty in California (and now enjoying the wide open beaches of S. Oregon!), I have come to the decision that one of my young boys will get a family of his own ...

... at least, I'll start looking into it next week. 

THIS WEEK, Michael and I will continue to enjoy our time with him while he hangs out with us in the RV and has fun running around on the beach in S. Oregon with his litter sister, Dora.

Donny - you just were a GREAT dog that came along at the WRONG time .... not including you, there are already 3 boys here - both Joe and Parker (only 2 years old themselves are top ranked dogs/boys of mine in both the US and Canada - both US group winners), and Monty,well, he is going to stay a bit longer .... You,well, you would have also been a good show dog and are SO welshie (head,expression, bone, coat, color, short back, tail set, shoulders/reach, topline, etc) ...

... I wish I had unlimited time and attention to give everyone, so everyone could always stay.  But, don't worry, I will find you an AMAZING home - as all of my other Darwyn Welsh have come to learn .... I don't just let anyone have one of my dogs ... we'll start to figure this out, but right now, let's just continue to enjoy our time together!

People that know me well know that when I come to these decisions, these are very hard for me and very upsetting .... I'm happy once I figure out where the dogs go, but it's very hard when I first make the decision ...  they are just part of our life, I don't know how else to put it.  It's days like this when I wish that I just didn't get attached and connected to the dogs....but, I do, and that's just the way it is.

xox  xox


  1. My husband and I could give Donny a great home - is he still looking for a family?

    Deb and Steve

  2. Hi Deb and Steve - please email me with also your phone number - perhaps we can chat.


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