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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The boys are in synch - both got Group 2nds today - woo hoo!

Both Joe and Parker got Group 3s yesterday (Joe in California with Wood Wornall - above, and Parker in Nanaimo with Aaron Andriash) ... today both got GROUP 2nds!  And, I heard that Joe looked FABULOUS - and I know he does ... just look at the photo above from yesterday ... it says it all!

Being so busy at home, I wasn't able to make it over to the Nanaimo shows - but I got some great personal messages about just how beautiful Parker looked!  Aaron also told me that while they were eating dinner last night, they happended to see a Welsh Terrier walking to a wharf and then got into a kayak with her owner and started kayaking away ... it turns out that this was BECKY - a girl I retired and placed just over 5 years ago (now 11). 
What a small world :-)

OH - I also spent some time talking with Jerry in OK about Charlies puppies (sired by Parker) ... a couple of them are being tube fed (Jerry now knows how and has the confidence to do it) and all are doing well ... gaining healthy, Charlie is doing well, and by the sounds of it, a little bit of sleep is finally happening in their household!  They survived some tremendous flooding (10 inches of rain over night) and now are dealing with very high heat (110F day / 78F night) .... and with all of that recent water - HIGH humidity!  Thank goodness their A/C got fixed!  Big hugs and kisses to the puppies!


  1. And Sunday, June 20, 2010, the same thing happened! OMG!
    Joe, in California, got ANOTHER GROUP 2 (that's FIVE Group 2nds in California in 2 weekends, as well as 1 Group FIRST!)

    AND PARKER did the same in Nanaimo (BC)! Today's Group 2 for Parker made him the #1 Welsh Terrier in Canada - after 3 weekends of shows - WOW!

  2. http://www.infodog.com/RESULTS/2010009402/2010009402GRP.HTM

  3. Sat (Parker in Nanaimo):

    Sun (Parker) in Nanaimo:


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