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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Magazine -- Welsh Terrier feature (and Lakeland Terrier too! :-)

The Feb/Mar 2011 issue of Canine Review features the Welsh Terrier!

I wrote the article and coordinated additional written content from 3 well known (and long time) Welsh Terrier breeder judges (Peter Green, Ruth Prehn and Bruce Schwartz).  I also helped to coordinate the Lakeland Terrier article that is featured in it, and a long time, well known, Lakeland Terrier breeder (Mr. Robert Wilson from Ontario) wrote that article.

Click here for an on-line link to this issue.

I have had EXCELLENT feedback from other Welsh Terrier breeders, and breeder judges (not just the ones that wrote the articles) and everyone has told me that this issue of this magazine is one of those "MUST HAVES" for your library.

I would encourage you to contact Canine Review (click here) soon because the next issue is coming out soon and they will only carry just so many back issues.

It's EARTHDOG time again!

If you are in the Vancouver area, have a terrier, want to see your friends instincts 'kick-in' for what they were originally bred to do, or just want to watch ... I encourage you to check out the next practice Earthdog event on May 8, 2011!
Click here for the Sea-to-Sky Earthdog club events (next practice time May 8)!
Or, just check out their website for future times to attend to watch, or practice with your furry friend!
Click here for the Earthdog Sancion Match (May 8)

Location:  3507 - 176 St, Surrey BC

Everyone that I know that does this has a really good time -- check it out!

And, check out this video (click here) that John posted about Welsh Terrier 'Jeb' trying this for the first time!  A full series of videos - and here is the last one.   He LOVES it!

Friday, April 29, 2011


There is a lot of discussion about vaccinations.  Here at Darwyn Welsh Terriers, all of our puppies are vaccinated with the core vaccines at 8, 12 and 16 weeks of age (including rabies at 16 weeks) and then one year after the 16 week vaccine the core vaccines (including rabies) are done again (boosted), along with another 'vet check'.  After that, boosters provided are based on the dog and the situation (some are every 3 years, when the rabies vaccination are needed).  That is what we do -- others need to work with their veterinarian to decide what is best for their loved pets.  But, I know there is a lot of discussion, controversy and mystery.
The following 4-part series (1 interview) is with a very well known, and well respected, expert in the area:
Dr. Robert Schultz
Click here for part 1
Click here for part 2
Click here for part 3
Click here for part 4 (specifically about rabies vaccines)

I hope you enjoy this informative interview, I know that I learned some very interesting facts!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

After dinner playtime with puppies!

Dora and Monty's puppies are coming up to 6 weeks old - time flies when you are having fun!

I haven't written much about these guys, and I haven't even done the sire and dam's page on my website (I really should - and I will!).  But, rest assured, just because my website doesn't show them doesn't mean that we aren't having fun here!

Tonight I remembered to dig out the camera and took a few pictures while
we were playing after dinner.  They are all doing fantastic and I am liking what I am seeing - very much! 

Monty is the sire (Ch. Darwyn Bruhil's Flying Circus) ... he is from Paisa's litter born in September 2009. (Click here for a home video we took recently on a walk with Monty and an older puppy girl)

Dora is the mom, and a very good mom she is!  Dora is from KSee's last litter.  If I get motivated to stop playing with puppies, trimming dogs getting ready for shows, and gardening now that spring is here - well, I just might update my website ... SO MUCH to say! 

Stay tuned!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Darwyn Welsh Terriers is an approved AKC Breeder of Merit!

I had read about this new AKC program and thought to myself that I do all of the things that they require .... click here for more information about the program.

I am active in the sport of purebred dogs (Canada and US), have titled many of the dogs that I have bred, am active in the Welsh Terrier Club of America, do more health testing (click here for OFFA) than any breed club for my breed requires, register all of my puppies, support people that have one of my dogs with education, and promote the breed - and our purebred dog community.

So, while I am Canadian, I applied.  There is no cost to join - but each application is vetted for merit. 

Today I received a notice from the AKC that I was approved.  This won't change what I am doing, but perhaps it will help encourage others to also do the right things.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Terriers CAN do Obedience! Owners just need to learn how to guide them...

Over the last couple of weeks I have learned of 3 Darwyn bred Welsh Terriers that are excelling at training with their owners.  A young puppy.  A relatively recently retired show dog (and Welsh Terrier Club of America, US, Specialty Winner at that), and a very accomplished 8 year old dog doing new things!

First - the 8 year old dog, Dylan with Peggy. They continually amaze me, and make me proud.  Go to Dylan's web page here.  Today I was informed that Dylan passed his first UTILITY (Obedience) leg today!  WOW!  This is the top of the top of difficulty level.  This is a huge accomplishment - for any dog/owner team - but more so for a terrier owner-handler team.  Congratulations Peggy!  This accomplishment puts you to the #1 Welsh Terrier in Obedience in Canada - yet again!  Click here for 2011 results! 
And, Peggy and Dylan (U-CDX Darwyn Hotspur CDX, RX, AgX, AgXJ, MADC, MJDC, AGDC, RL3) don't just do Obedience, they also do Rally-O and Agility (at the Masters Level!).  I've seen it with my own eyes -- it's amazing and fun to watch! If you are ever in the Alberta area, and there is an agility trial, check to see if a Welsh Terrier is running ... Peggy and Dylan are a wonderful sight to watch!

The second thing is that I was informed recently that one of my Montgomery 2009 winners (Athena/Addie - Am Ch Darwyn's Heroic Endeavour), with her new owner Gloria, finished their class on basic obedience with a 98% score!  Gloria has now started on agility training classes - and really enjoying it!  Not only beautiful, and a terrific dam, but Addie is also smart and keen to work!  I can't wait to go out and watch Addie and Gloria jumping in the agility field!

And the last exciting news that also came within the last couple of days is a young puppy - a 6 month old son of Athena (Addie) named Henry.  Henry's owner wrote:  "He is really starting to develop his own personality – sweet and charming, full of energy, wants to play and boy does he like to fetch, and then quiet when asked to. Obedience classes continue and he is doing well – have started to try off lead heeling on our morning walks, always on the lookout for robins darting around and the ever present squirrel population in the neighborhood – and he is getting the hang of LEAVE IT!"

The one thing in common that all of these people, and myself with my dog training in conformation, is that we are all having FUN doing work as a team with our dogs.  If Peggy and Dylan, and Gloria and Athena, and Dale and Henry and myself with having 4 month old puppies walking on a loose lead for show training, can do it, than so can anyone!  It just takes some time, patience, and the right type of motivation.  I know of a very good trainer in the Lower Mainland area, if you are interested, please contact me. 

She is convinced that a working dog (training) is a very happy dog - they have a job and these terriers CAN do it!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2 Group Wins & Reserve Best in Show at one of Canada's toughest shows!

BISS / BIS / GCh Am & Can Ch Darwyn's I'm Not Arguing That
BIS Judge:  Cec Ringstrom (AB)
Group Judge#2:  Jeannine Dowell (US)
Group Judge#1:  John Ross (ON)
Handler:  Milton Lopes & Tracy Tuff
Show:  Renaissance Dog Association (April 2011)

Canada's #1, #2 and #3 Terriers arrived in Chilliwack BC from 3 different provinces in Apr/11 for the Renaissance Dog Association show - an event that is starting to rival the October BC show for the top show in Canada in both quality and numbers.

I was both nervous and excited about this weekend!

The #1 terrier, a locally handled Westi, is currently the #1 dog (all-breeds, of all-breeds) in Canada.  The #2 terrier, a Skye from Eastern Canada is also one of the top 10 dogs, all-breeds.  And, the #3 terrier, is my boy Joe!  Joe is currently living in Alberta!

With all three of these dogs being Canadian Best in Show winners, and the Skye and Welsh already proven US winners, many people stood ringside and it proved to be a very exciting 4 days!  These 3 dogs, conditioned and handled to perfection by experts, met about 60 other terriers, many of whom were also group winners.

I am very honoured that my boy Joe (BISS/BIS GCh Am & Can Ch Darwyn's I'm Not Arguing That) WON the Terrier Group on the 2 days that Terrier Breeder judges judged. 
I was very honoured by these placements, and will never forget this weekend.

One was Mr. John Ross from Ontario.  It turns out that not only was he and his wife a professional handling team for many years, but he also was a professional dog show photographer for about 15 years (so saw a lot of great dogs!), but they also have had many decades of breeding terriers - Miniature Schnauzers and Airedales (so not only do they know a good dog, they know what to look for in trimming tricks from pro handlers, but also can recognize the work that goes into preparing a hard coated terrier).  Again, I am very honoured by this placement. 

The other Group 1st Win for Joe was awarded by Jeannine Dowell, up from the US, and again someone that has been a terrier breeder herself for many years.
The other 2 shows had the beautiful Skye Terrier represent terriers in the Best in Show ring - a beautiful example of the breed, and one that I did not mind losing to (of course, I would want Joe to win the group, but I also recognize that there are other good dogs out there).

The final day was icing on the cake for me.  Joe was awarded the Reserve Best in Show by very well respected judge, Cec Rinsgstrom who has seen many of the top dogs - everywhere - for many years.  Watching ringside, supporters of Joe in the Group and and BIS ring (many of whom I did not recognize) made me feel these wins were even that much more special.  And, to watch him work with Milton in the ring was a true joy!  Tracy also does an unbelievable job, however, on the first day, she was occupied herself with her own dog in the Best in Show line-up - a beautiful Shelti!

Unfortunately I forgot my good camera on this final day, and no professional candid photographer was working this day - so all I have to share with is what I took with my iPhone! 

Cleraly, as evidenced by the photo above, Milton and Joe work very well as a team!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Joe goes Best in Show! He's now BISS/BIS GCh Am & Can Ch Darwyn's I'm Not Arguing That

Joe!  BISS/BIS GCh Am & Can Ch Darwyn's I'm Not Arguing That
Judge:  Marilyn Mincey
Handlers:  Tracy Tuff (BIS); Milton Lopes (Group)
Assisted by Michelle Gaudet
April 3, 2011
Red Deer, Alberta
Michael and I stayed home this weekend to play with and socialize puppies since we expected to see them next weekend at a show close to our home.  The first 2 days of this past weekend's show were very good  for us since Joe won the Terrier Group each day.  By Sunday, we were thinking that one of the other nice terriers might win the group (a 'hat trick' is not the easiest thing to do) ... but, it's not impossible, Joe has done it before!  The last 2 times were in California - mid October 2010 and in July 2010 in Carmel California (Del Monte KC).  But, you never want to get your hopes too high, and we simply spent Sunday 'out and about with puppies' and doing errands.
Of course I kept checking the canuckdogs website to see if results were posted (see the results now here).
As Michael and I walked into Starbucks we got a text message from Milton...

"Tracy and Joe just went BEST IN SHOW!!!"

And, you can just imagine how large of a grin instantly appeared!

Joe has won at some really prestigious shows before (like the BOB and Group 2 at Devon, the day before Montogmery 2010, at a WTCA Specialty, etc.), but this was Joe's first Best in Show!  And it was a spectacular feeling!   A real honour.

Once I saw the results, I saw that the BIS line-up was beautiful - a line-up that could rival any in the world!  And, it was a real honour to be a terrier and to get the nod from this judge.  Marilynn Mincey has been an all-breed judge for a very long time, judged all over the world, bred close to 100 champion Airedales, and has bred and owned the #1 Terrier in Canada before!  She knows a good terrier, and I am just thrilled that she thinks so highly of one of mine. 

I am very honoured to have BIS now be listed on Joe's many titles and accomplishments.  Tracy and Milton did an outstanding job, as usual, and Michelle Gaudet provided wonderful support and assistance.  This is truly a wonderful team - and I am very happy that they have my boy Joe in their line-up of beautiful dogs this year.

I can't wait to see them next weekend!

Keep on being happy Joe and showing your heart out!  We are all watching and rooting for you!

Joe is now #12 dog - ALL BREEDS in Canada! 

*Apr 5, 2011*


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Westminster KC (Feb 2011) photos keep arriving for JOE!

Joe with Milton at Westminster KC 2011
Photo courtesy of Todd Foley
I was remiss in my duties to report on my wonderful experience with Joe (BISS Grand Am Ch & Can Ch. Darwyn's I'm Not Arguing That) and Milton Lopes showing at Madison Square Garden in Feb/11.

So here is a little bit from that experience...

Milton had Joe looking awesome!  So good, in fact, I almost cried because I was so proud to watch how great he looked in the line-up!

I am very grateful for all of the ringside support.  There was so much support and positive words about how beautiful Joe looked, how well he moved, how well he represented the breed and how wonderfully Milton Lopes (Joe's new handler - extraordinaire!) had him conditioned and presented.  The really exciting part for me is that this support came from not only people that I knew well, but acquaintances as well as people that I did not know at all -- including judges that were standing ringside watching!

I was very happy for the owners of the dog that won - what an honor it was for them to represent our breed in the big group ring!  However, I was also very happy to learn that my boy Joe made an impact on people watching around him.

Today I opened up facebook and found that Joe was featured in a wonderful collection of photos from the event, by a photographer that lives on the other side of the continent from me.  This photo above from Todd Foley, in addition to the other stunning ones that I received from Carol Beuchat and Beth Hilborn, help transform a wonderful experience to be an unforgettable one!

Remember, you don't always show to the person in the middle of the ring that has the power to point. 

Take in a quality dog, in great condition and present them well.

Sometimes the people around the ring are just as important as the one in the middle.

PS.  I can't let this blog post finish without mentioning that I am proud to say that both yesterday (Fri) and today (Sat), Joe and Milton won the Terrier Group in Red Deer!  Both judges are terrier breeder judges also!  Click here for results (Fri) and here for (Sat).

I am very grateful to the judges Marilyn Mincey (a previous, and well known, Airedale Terrier breeder) and Lynda Berar (a breeder of quality Miniature Schnauzers of over 40 years!).