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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gracie plays with 3 mth old puppy!

video link here!
Michael and I decided to spend an afternoon with Gracie (Ch. Darwyn's Say Goodnight Gracie) and her owner Sheryl (who of course is loved by many for her radio show - North by Northwest!).  I love the trails alongside the Coquitlam River!  Of course we had to bring someone along so we decided to bring one of our 3 month old (Dora and Joe) puppies.  We weren't exactly sure how 2 year old Gracie would behave (her first time playing with a young puppy) -- nor the puppy as this was his first playtime with an adult welsh that wasn't his dam!
As you can see in this video (click here) - fun was had by all!

If YouTube doesn't let you watch the video because of the music, click here for the boring version without.

I can't wait until we eventually breed Gracie!  She will make an awesome mom !!!

Enjoy the playtime video!

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