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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Addie had 6 puppies!

Late last night Addie (full name is Athena - Am/Can Ch Darwyn's Heroic Endeavour) had 6 healthy puppies ... born in record time!  The last time we had a litter born (Fall 2009), Paisa had 6 puppies, delivered naturally over 8 hours ... that was one long day as neither Michael nor myself moved very far from the puppy room (and not for long) .... well Addie broke the record at Darwyn for speed and ease of delivery.  Addie's 5 boys and 1 girl were born in 1 hour and 15 minutes!
The picture above was taken about 30 minutes after the last puppy was born ... she is a very happy, and content mom, and the puppies are all doing very well.  Me ... tired and happy.

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