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Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 13 -- eyes have just started to open!

Addie's puppies continue to do well and Addie continues to be a great mom!  Every day they have been growing between 5% and 10% (some are growing even more than that!) ... they are now an average of 580 grams (20.5 oz or 1.3 pounds .... note, birthweight was an average of 202 grams).  I am very pleased with how they are progressing, and how wonderful a mom Addie is being.  You see, in less than 2 days I expect to be in Pennsylvania at my US Breed Club's National Specialty -- Montgomery County Kennel Club!  Last year was my first year (in over 10) that I missed it, since Paisa had puppies due that weekend, and this year my plan was to go and Michael to stay here with the puppies ... IF everything was going well.  Let's just say that Michael is very prepared to take on the duties of caring for "mom" while I get to go to my National Specialty!  Everything is going very well :-) More about the specialty later....
I didn't take a picture today as I wasn't sure how the flash would be for a newborns eyes that *just* opened, so the picture included above was taken by our friend, and wonderful website designer and photographer extraordinairre - Martin Blumenfield (http://www.coastalexteme.com/) when he and his family came a few days ago to see the puppies.

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