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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Setting the Right Pace in Stressful Moments

I regularly read Emma's blog - she has Welsh Terrier Miles (a male) and does a lot with him!  I think the link below is an interesting read with some great tips on working with your new puppy or dog!
Click here to read the blog article by Emma!


  1. Thank you so much Larisa, your "endorsement" of the blog means the world to me, as you are someone I greatly respect. Someone who really cares passionately about the animals she works with. I admire your work with terriers so, so much.

  2. Thank you Emma! Just keep writing great stuff and having fun with Miles and I'll be there reading it! When you start to provide one-on-one lessons one day, let me know as I will send people to you! You GET IT -- and are very articulate and kind in how to communite "it"! :)


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