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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gracie gets to play with an Airedale!

Gracie (Ch Darwyn's Say Goodnight Gracie), who is co-owned with my friend Sheryl MacKay (host of the CBC radio program North by Northwest) went to see her groomer the other day (Elaine Hu).  Before any serious grooming started - fun was had by all!  And by all, we mean Gracie, Airedale Jaffa and everyone that gets to watch this video!

Gracie is a "Parker" daughter that was born in Oklahoma!  Parker got out of quarantine a few days ago and has settled in very well with his new family in Sydney Australia.  Parker will be selectively shown in Australia by Sonya Cornick.  We wish them a lot of fun and hope the Aussie's like them!

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