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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Darwyn Welsh Terriers - Montgomery 2012: Zorro

Zorro was Reserve Winners Dog at Hatboro!
My 18 month old Monty x Dora son (each were MCKC 2011 top winners) was conditioned and presented by Ernesto Lara and his team for the MCKC 2012 weekend. 
Click here to see a few photos that I took.
He is just a young boy, but it was wonderful to watch his effortless movement, see his pretty profile on the self-stack and table, and his confident and attentive (but not over the top) attitude. 
Ernesto has him in absolutely beautiful condition!  I just need to get used to seeing a different head trim that Ernesto does (who was classically trained by Mr. Peter Green in this area), vs. Wood Wornall, who has previously handled many of my dogs over Montgomery weekend. 
I like what I saw last weekend, and I loved Ernesto's set-up and enjoyed being with his team.

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