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Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy 11th Birthday to K-See: one of 2 foundation bitches for Darwyn

Happy 11th birthday to K-See:  BISS Am/Can Ch Saredon Chasing Secrets. 
She's living a wonderful life up in Alaska with a family that runs a fishing lodge.  She enjoys guests in the summer, and runs on the beach (practically her own beach) most of the year around.  I am so happy that I am friends with her lovely owner and I would happily give Katie another retired Darwyn welsh.
K-See's legacy was not only in top show wins (including Montgomery weekend, 2003, and wins with me owner-handled by the late, but great, Annie Clark), but also in her offspring.  Her "kids" that are still either showing, or still in-tact are Dora,  Donny and Zorro (click on their names for details), and up and coming are Jessie and Ella.  She's even represented well by a couple of young boys that are her grandchildren - Java who was very well received at Montgomery 2012 as a 6 month old puppy, and MJ, who is now in Germany.
From all of us at Darwyn, we wish you a wonderful birthday!

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