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Saturday, November 10, 2012

2013 Custom Darwyn Calendar now available!

I have included all new photos in my 2013 calendar.  Pictures (primarily from this year) include:
  • Parker is shown in a beautiful photo on the waterfront on one of the beaches around Sydney Australia with his co-owner, Sonya;
  • a few photos of Joe's "kids" having fun with us this past summer - Trooper and Java on various beaches and Tina in our boat;
  • Gracie and Zorro are shown in our garden;
  • Monty is as high as he can get in our 1 snowfall of the year during 2012! 
  • Joe has a couple of professional photos to show him off!
I used mostly fun photos, and a couple of professional photos of our top dog Joe, in this years calendar.  While I have lot's of awesome show ring photos, I wanted this year's calendar to be about how we also enjoy our dogs outside of the show ring. 

Anyone can order one (click here) - so if you want to, go ahead. I know it is early - but here's hoping that 2013 is a good year all round for all of my friends and family!

Trooper on the beaches near Long Beach, BC (Cox Bay)
That was so much fun, going back over some of the awesome times we had during this year!

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