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Sunday, November 11, 2012

9 year old Megan sisters still doing well!

Following my calendar communication with the darwyn pet owners, I heard back from 2 couples that have 9 year old litter sisters (2 separate couples) - both of these girls are called Megan!

The dam of these girls was born in my first litter and she (Tessa) was my first home-bred champion.

The Megan sisters live in Victoria, go to almost every Victoria and Nanaimo area welshie walk, and are well known in their communities.  Their owners have become very good friends and the dogs now are affectionally referred to as "the sisters".  I actually have always gotten a number of updates from these folks throughout the year, along with a few other people that have my dogs in that area,  that have all become good friends with each other.  And me too.  :)
This photo of "the sisters" was taken last month at a get-together of 6 couples that have dogs from me.
When I think of the Megan sisters, and the others that are part of this close knit group (Lily, Haley, Becky, Mandi), and the families that love them, it makes me realise that as a breeder, we can do so much more than simply breed beautiful, healthy, well socialized dogs ... here is proof that we can also help bring other people together, in some cases, where strong and lasting friendshps are built and made.  All it takes is to do the introductions of people that have similar interests and close proximity.  The friendships that I have made, and have helped to create, mean a lot to me.

Thank you to everyone for your kindness, support and love of the dogs that I have placed in your care.

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