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Sunday, November 11, 2012

TJ is a star!

TJ at the groomers (click here)
After doing my 2013 custom Darwyn Calendar, I sent out an email to every Darwyn pet owner, since my first litter was born in early 2001 - about 100!  A tedious exercise as I did individual emails, but very worthwhile.  In response, I have received some truly wonderful stories and updates from these awesome pet owners.  I will try to post a few of them here.
To start, this boy TJ (a Parker & Paisa son) lives in Burnaby and has just finished an advanced obedience class.  His claim to fame is that he is featured on the front page of his groomers website! (click here)

The photo to the right is when he first went to his new home.  The groomer is right - TJ is a beautiful welshie!  And, by the sounds of it, a smart one too in a great home.

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