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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Intoducing GRAND CHAMPION Joe! GCh & Can Ch Darwyn's I'm Not Arguing That!

The AKC on-line store shows that JOE (Am/Can Ch -- now GCh Darwyn's I'm Not Arguing That!) is officially a GRAND CHAMPION!

This is no easy feat - as it is ALL about breed competition (for example, his Back-to-Back Group Wins in Carmel last month did not count towards it, since the 2 other Welsh Terriers were absent that day).  And, you can only get Grand Champion Points AFTER you become an AKC Champion!

You need (after you are a champion):
- 25 points (breed) points in total (it's hard finding ANY breed compeitition in California!)
- 3 MAJOR wins and these must be under 3 different judges and at least 1 more judge!
(click here for the specifics)

I am so proud!  Here are a few facts:
- Apr 9, 2010 is Joe's first US show weekend with Wood Wornall (Group 3 from the classes with Michele Billings - no championship points even ... no breed competition)

- Apr 17, 2010 Joe meets other Welsh Terriers and finishes his US championship!  N. California Terrier Association, BW each day, and a BOB over specials!

- Next FOUR weekends, he is shown as a special, wins Group Placements each weekend, but NO other breed competition, so NO Grand Championship points (darn!)

- May 22, 2010 weekend Joe meets other Welsh Terrier competition and STARTS earning Grand Champoinship points!

- Jul 31, 2010 results posted shows that he is officially declared an AKC GRAND CHAMPION!

2 months from his first show as a special with breed competition to being a Grand Champion -- WOW!

Click here for Joe's page!

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