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Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Australian Champion with Reserve Best in Show!

We are very proud to announce that Parker is now also an Australian Champion!  Pending paperwork (of course!  :)
As you can see from the photo, it was a very happy day for everyone.  In the photo, Parker's co-owner Sonya is on the left, one of the 5 Group Judges awarding Parker is in the middle, and Aaron Andriash (Parker's handler from his 2010 shows, is on the right (he flew out to Australia to work with Sonya for a couple of weeks).

Parker is now:
* Best in Specialty (WTCA National at Montgomery BOB);
* Best in Show (all-breed Canada)
* Reserve Best in Show (RUBIS), Australia
* Multiple Group Winner (US, Canada, Australia)
* #1 Welsh Terrier and #8 Terrier overall (Canada, 2010)
* Westminster Kennel Club AOM
* Finished his championship in all 3 countries with top wins from 'the classes'

Sonya (his co-owner in Australia) took Parker to his first show a few weeks ago and picked up almost 1/2 of the 100 points that Parker needed to become an Australian Champion, which included 1 Group Win.  Aaron Andriash, who showed Parker for Michael and I in Canada during 2010, flew over to Australia and spent a couple of weeks with them, attending 1 show weekend.  During this weekend, Parker was awarded Terrier Group 1st (BIG) 4 times and a Reserve Best in Show (RUBIS)!

It was clear that Parker remembered exactly who Aaron was, and was super excited to see and spend time with him again.  And, from all of the photos, clearly Sonya had Parker in absolutely beautiful condition.
In just 3 weekends, Parker is now (Sep 23/2012) the #2 Welsh Terrier in Australia - wow!  Click here for details. 
click here for details of Parker's Group and RUBIS wins in Australia.

Life can turn in odd ways sometimes, ways that one cannot predict.  I am very happy with the fork in this road that presented itself to me, and Parker is clearly benefiting by being in a truly loving home - as well as the attention and fun getting back into the show ring that he LOVES!

Good luck and remember to keep having fun!

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