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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Earthdog trials in Vancouver area - Sept 8/9 2012

If you have a terrier and are interesting and seeing their natural instincts 'kick-in' for what they were originally bred to do, then I encourage you to check out the next  Earthdog event this weekend.  Or just go to watch!
4 CKC Sanction Earthdog Trials with all tests (IQ, JE, SE, ME) are being held in Langley on Sept 8 and 9.  Click here for details.
I know of one very keen "Darwyn" Welsh Terrier that will be in attendance.  This will be the 2nd (maybe 3rd) Earthdog event for these owners of a 7.5 year old welshie.  After the last event, they did a nice write-up for me which I will post after this one. 
I know a lot of people across North America that participate in their local trials and have an awesome time. I also know of a Scottie owner from Calgary that is flying out for this weekends test.  To me that is a stamp of approval on just how well run she expects this trial to go.
Go have some fun with your terrier!  In a safe way, of course.  :)

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