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Monday, September 24, 2012

US Best in Show!

Canine Chronicle, has posted Joe's Best in Show win, with a couple of nice candid photos (the ones shown here).

This is a big milestone for Darwyn Welsh Terriers.

  * I have co-owned a welsh terrier that has received multiple (5) US All-Breed Best in Shows. 
  * I have bred a few that have received this top honour in Canada.
  * Joe is now my first home-bred US All-Breed Best in Show winner. 
Much appreciation to Mrs. Barbara Dempsey Alderman for the Group Win and Mr. Mark Houston-McMillan for this historic Best in Show Award.

This show, while relatively out of the way in Montana, was a very competitive show (just like how some of the smaller shows in Canada can sometimes be the most competitive).  In fact, a number of the top dogs in the US were in attendance at this show - including the #2 dog, all-breeds, the multi BIS winning GWP pictured below.  Also on this weekend, Joe (GCh Am / Can Ch Darwyn's I'm Not Arguing That) won 2 Terrier Group 1st wins - so now he has 8 Group Wins in the US and 138 career Group Wins overall - and now 29 Best in Shows, of which 1 is in the US.  :)

Click here for the Canine Chronicle details of the wins.

As you can see by the photos (and results), Joe is in beautiful condition and happy.  This is because of his dedicated handlers.  Both Milton Lopes (pictures in the ring) and Ash Oldfield (above) work together on him - in fact, I understand that in the last few months, it is Ash that is doing a lot of Joe's coat work, and together they do finishing touches.  That's teamwork! 
Thank you both for keeping Joe looking so good and so happy!

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