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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Let's not make it 6+ years until we meet again ... ok?

Parker (Am. Ch. Darwyn's Webslinger) came home -- woo hoo! ... but, tonight's blog isn't about that ... I'll do one about that (and the dog show) a bit later, ok?  Tonight I wanted to just say how wonderful it was to see Peggy and Dylan again!

Parker came home late last Tuesday night, and since he was in *perfect coat condition* (thank you Wood & Jenny Wornall and Andrew Peel!) and there was a dog show in Red Deer, Alberta a few days later, I decided to drive there and show him for the 2nd time in his life in Canada (1st time he was just barely 6 months old).  I took both Parker and a 6 month old puppy (Monty) with me.  Six and a half years ago I placed a puppy with an Airedale owner who had recently parted with her previous Welsh Terrier.  This boy - Dylan (U-CDX Darwyn Hotspur CDX, RX, AgX, AgXJ, MADC, RL3) has gone on to do some pretty amazing things.  He is at the top levels in Agility, has done very well in Obedience and recently started (and done well in) Rally-O ... it sounds like he is going to be doing some Earthdog trials too!  I haven't seen him since he was a young puppy, but I have to say that by his (conformation) looks, I could have EASILY finished his Canadian and American Championship -- he has a beautiful structure (front and rear), perfect size at 15" tall at the shoulder, beautiful welshie expression, and definetely "welsh terrier" by looking at him -- not overdone and certainly not slight ... a really beautiful boy, who also has the attitude that he "owns" everywhere that he walks into!  I must admit, I was *very* happy to see how he was looking!  So, while he is neutered and not in my 'breeding program', he is certainly representing the breed well when he goes out to the dog shows to do his obedience - Rally-O - Agility, and whatever this team decides to do!

Peggy and I went for a walk with Monty and Dylan ... and then Parker and Dylan ... and then Monty and Reggie (her Airedale) and later had Parker and Reggie play together.  What fun!  We were at a ~500 dog/day dog show (that also likely had another couple of hundred, at least, dogs competing in Obedience and Rally-O) ... well, when Peggy took Dylan's leash off and started to do some of her training exercises with him .... I stopped what I was doing and just stared!  What a team these two make!  Now, I know that this didn't just happen overnight - there was a lot of hard work that went into this, but by the looks of it, they are both having fun and clearly (by the rock hard condition that Dylan is in) it is great exercise also!

I had a great time visiting with them this weekend - really loved seeing Dylan and Peggy again ... enjoyed meeting her Lakeland Terrier breeder friend and I know that Monty and Parker also enjoyed the experience of playing with new friends (especially Reggie the Airedale ... the boys clearly like their girls, no matter what their size! :-)  I only wish that I had brought my camera.  DARN!

If you want to see more of Dylan - check him out on my website:

After having so much fun this weekend, I have decided that I am NOT going to let it go 6+ years again before meeting up with Peggy and her terrier gang! 

Now, I'm off to bed as we have an exciting day tomorrow .... Paisa's sister is coming with her owner all the way from Oklahoma!  I'll try to recount in our next post Parker "debut" weekend in Canada! By all of the comments from everyone - he looked EXCELLENT!  :-)

Now ... go and play with and hug your doggies - that's what Michael and I did this evening! :-)

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