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Saturday, April 24, 2010

A bit of trimming (stripping), a bit of gardening ... it's all good :-)

After talking with a friend the other day, I got motivated to do some stripping on my 6.5 month old K-See son, Donny ...

I was happy to find out that he really didn't mind the whole process.  He's been worked on before, obviously (I get my puppies up on the table a lot actually, and from a very young age to get used to it) ... but not for a while, and other than the basics, not a lot.  Stripping isn't something that puppies love - adults don't seem to mind, but puppies aren't super happy about being restrained and the process.  But Donny didn't seem to mind at all, and was pretty cool with the whole stripping process ... I wonder if the dried chicken strips helped? :-)  So, if he sticks around as a show dog, this easy going attitude bodes well for more enjoyable trimming sessions -- for both of us! 

Michael grabbed the camera and took a few photos.  Here are a couple ... so, while you'll have to ignore the naked parts, based on what I am seeing, I'm thinking that he will stick around a little longer as a potential show dog!  In fact, I really like what I am seeing - up on leg (but not too much), nice short back (but not so much that he can't walk in a straight line), butt behind the tail :-) beautiful layback of shoulders - and of course (his moma had this also) gorgeous coat and color!  OK - he'll stay for a while longer :-)

That was yesterday.  Today, Michael and I decided to brave the elements (OK, it wasn't raining THAT hard!) and we went to a Rhododendon Plant Sale out in Langley.  The Fraser South Rhodo Society held their annual plant sale.  Donny joined us and got a LOT of attention there and at the nursery that we went to later on (and lot's of treats!) ... I got some really beautiful plants (Rhodos, Azaleas, Native Orchids, Clematis and another nice Dogwood Tree), and we all had a terrific time!  Not sure exactly when these will get planted since Michael's parents are coming in on Monday from Nova Scotia for the next few weeks - but that's OK, it's not hot weather yet and we'll get them in. 

If I don't update this for a while know that we will be spending lot's of quality time hanging out with the dogs (Michael's parents love them so much they have one of our retired show dogs - Sadie!) and I'm sure doing a bit of exploring in the Vancouver area - keeping our fingers crossed for good weather!

Side notes ... today really was a good day ... we came home from all of our 'out and about' with Donny - moved him to the front yard to run around and on the answering machine were 2 things ... (1) Andrew had called with the news that Joe got his 2nd AKC group placement (1st time in the ring as a "specials dog")! and (2) I WON a really beautiful Rhodo from the society's plant sale today (I always like to help out groups when I see a raffle - but I NEVER win!) ... I came out to tell Michael and the folks from the plant sale were at the top of the driveway with our plant!  This really was over the top, since they live an hour away.  I'll definetely go back to their plant sale again next year - and definetely bring another dog with me since Donny was such a hit today!

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