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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yippee! Becky's mammory lump is benign! Please check your older girls!

A few weeks ago, Becky's owner Kate found a small - pea sized - lump near one of her nipples.  Kate's vet informed her that girls that are spayed later in life are suspectible to this.  It turns out that with each heat cycle, the hormones can encourage things to develop.  I am writing this blog post today to encourage others to screen your older dogs, and just be aware of what is on their bodies (and you can do this with a daily dose of belly rubs!)  In the chance that a lump is not benign it is much better to find it earlier rather than later.  So, please check your girls - I am SURE that they will enjoy the process (I know that mine sure enjoy their belly rubs!).

The GREAT news for 11 year old Becky, is that the 2 lumps they discovered, after a biopsy was done, are benign!  Whew! 

Here are a couple of pictures taken of Becky recently - last month when we all met to go for a walk, and then just relaxing at home - not a care in the world! ... Click here if you want to see her in her younger days (PS. she still kayaks a number of times a week, but Kate tells me that they will hold off for the next couple of weeks, until the stiches heal!).  What a life, eh? :-)

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