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Friday, April 9, 2010

Paisa's siblings reunite for a wonderful day in the park!

Today we had an amazing day at a local park ...
... good weather, great friends, 3 very happy (6 month old) puppies and a very happy little girl!
(click here for more photos)

Michael and I have had a guest stay with us for the last few days, up from Oklahoma City, with his welshie girl Charlie (Paisa's full sister).  As it turns out , Jerry is quite aware of Paisa's son, Grover, from my page for him on my website, and their owners pictures of Grover on their own website (owner is a talented website designer, database developer/programmer, and photographer).  I just love Grovers family (and Tyler, who isn't quite 3 years old yet, constantly amazes me!), and since they live fairly close, I thought that it would be fun to meet up with the siblings.  Well, we had a GREAT day out!  We met at the park, had a wonderful walk and just had a whole lot of fun.  Cosmo (the girl at the back of the picture) enjoyed herself and Monty (on the left) had a BLAST running around with his brother Grover (on the right).  All of the puppies went home after that late morning excursion "tired and shagged out after a long squak" -- as Michael would say, Tyler had fun playing with all of the puppies, the few mud holes and the sand box, I left knowing that I made an awesome decision months ago when I placed Grover with this family and it seemed like Jerry really enjoyed the puppies, the group and the experience to see relatives of his girl (Am. Ch. Sanherpinc Nora Charles - or as they refer to her in the therapy dog world - Charlie) :-)
I'm looking forward to meeting up again guys!

To see more photos - click here - and Martin (Grover's owner) put up a bunch of photos from today.

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