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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A great day for a get-together!

On Sunday, a few Darwyn Welsh Terrier owners got together for a walk and a nice meal.  I had hoped to join this Vancouver Island get-together, but with 6.5 week old puppies, and construction starting first thing Monday morning, I had to pass.
I didn't organize this, but was so happy that one of the participants did - it was an awesome day by all accounts!  There was a 12 year old dog of mine there (Becky went to her retirement home 6 years ago), Parker's dam who went to her retirement home when she was 5, a year and a half ago, Tessa who was from my very first litter (and went to her retirement home 6 years ago), an 8 year old girl that went to her new home when she was 6 months old (one of those welsh that I 'grew up' to be a possible show dog, but then decided to place in a great pet home), a 10 month old girl that went to her new home a couple of months ago, and a puppy dog that was born last September!  There was also one that had attended that got a rescue Welsh Terrier from someone else (that I helped to place for the US breeder), since I didn't have any older ones to place at this time .... and he was welcomed into the group just as if his boy came from me!
What an awesome day -- and experience!  Thank you Kate for organizing this day!
As a breeder, we clearly have an ability to help bring joy into peoples lives by providing happy, healthy, well-adjusted and confident dogs (and clearly, older, retired dogs of mine adjust easily and have become wonderful additions to families).  But, we can also provide the framework for new friendships, some that become close and long lasting. However, we need a way for introducing people that have one of our dogs, to others that have one.  This has worked well for me over the years and there are some close friendships that have developed -including with me!  These puppies that we produce are more than just puppies, but a way to also develop friendships. 
I'm glad that I have been able to help.  This also happens with show dogs (albeit there is that competitive aspect that sometimes gets in the way!) ;-)  Hey - they are all wonderful dogs - and great parts of our lives.  Enjoy your time with them!

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